Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to Glyphic (by Ralph-Michael Chiaia)

What is this blog?

I was asked to do something like a Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities in which I write in installments. I had always been toying with this novella-in-verse which over the years I've called by many different names: I am another yourself, Zeitgeber and the Maya, a Mayan Lullaby, and Glyphic. It only made sense to go back and dig out this relic and re-work it into installments to be published once a week. This will be the final edit and then I will publish it.
It is all finished now and to see it in order (the blog leaves it in reverse order) use the title page above or on the right sidebar to navigate each chapter. This book is actually 10 seperate poems made like textiles on the same loom that when tightened form one article of clothing. Enjoy! I hope you will

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